Retro Info: Mazda Rx-3

Mazda Rx-3 Info:

• Sold in the 1970s from 1971 -1978 in CoupĂ©, Sedan, and station wagon forms.

• It was based on the compact Mazda Familia and was sold in Japan as the Mazda Savanna.

• Sold from 1972 through 1978 in the United States, the RX-3 was extremely successful.

• Rotary engine equipped ranges 10A,12A and 12B

Sunday Chillin'

Alkisah, pada suatu petang Si Alli membawa Little Muscle nya bersiar-siar dan membuat burn-out....

tiba-tiba datang satu lembaga kuning mengerikan menahan little muscle......abis tia....

selepas kanyang lembaga tersebut pun melarikan diri....sekian

Latest Ride-Daihatsu Charmant owned by Hj.Lamin
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1975 Colt Lancer GSR for SALE!!!

1975 Colt Lancer GSR

This is the First Generation Mitsubishi Lancer of the third trim, registered in 1975 as Colt Lancer GSR and is quite rare nowadays on the road.

- Newly fresh painted and body repaired
- Engine 4G32 1600cc - still runs good
- Original Twin Mikuni Solex Carburetors
- 13”AP Racing Wheel
- Bumper originally chrome now black painted
- Australian Spec Lancer Tail light fitted

Very bargain to own this piece of Classic,
Selling it for $5500
Call or text me at 8975151

Another Successful Gathering: Retrosters Gone Shooting!!

Meet Point:
Lambak Kiri Highway Roadside

Serasa Beach

Cruise Leader:
Din---Mazda Rx4(RxRevo)

Photos By:
Yak---Datsun Fairlady 260Z(The Last Samurai)

Cars and Drivers:
1)Din---------Mazda Rx4------------------LA22S--@ RxRevo
2)Alli--------Colt Celeste GT---------------A73----@ Little Muscle
3)Dany-------Toyota Corolla-------------KE35----@ Wifi Cruiser
4)Yak--------Datsun Fairlady 260Z------S30-----@ The Last Samurai
5)Kalid------Datsun Skyline 240kGT----C210----@ Yakuza
6)Mirul------Colt Galant-------------------A120----@ BadBoi
7)Malul------Toyota Corolla-------------KE35-----@ Joroxera
8)Hj.Jam-----Toyota Celica(LB) ST------TA27----@ Black Stallion
9)Jefri--------Colt Lancer------------------A71
10)Koko------Toyota Corolla------------KE35-----@ Koko Krunch
11)Hj.Jimin--Datsun 120Y---------------B310
12)HJ.ArdY--Toyota Corolla------------KE36
13)Rosli------Toyota Corolla-------------KE70
14)Apit-------Mercedes 280S------------W116
15)Pudin-----Datsun Skyline 180k-------C210
16)Musa------Toyota Celica(LB) ST------TA28
17)Maming--Datsun Fairlady 280ZX----S130