Retro Info: Datsun Laurel C130

• In April, 1972 the second Laurel generation appeared in four-door saloon and two-door hardtop coupĂ©.

• The 2 door hardtop coupe known as the BUTAKETSU Laurel (PIG'S BUTT) because of its "big" rear quarter panels and tail section.

• The styling of the coupe appears to be influenced by the 1970 Ford Torino and the Mercury Cougar.

• The Toyota competitor was the Mark II coupe and sedan.

• The facelifted C130 type was introduced in April 1972 as a four-door hardtop sedan with the taillights incorporated in the rear bumper.

• Productions : 1972-1977

• Engines:
2.8 L L28 I6
2.6 L L26 I6
2.0 L L20B I6 equipped with SU twin carburetors
2.0 L G-20 I4 equipped with SU twin carburetors
1.8 L G-18 I4  

4 Door C130

Bosozoku Style C130

The Dutchman's Oldschools part 2

Here's another ride from Huub in Holland, but this time its his 70s American car :)

Owner: Huub Vogels
Year: 1977
Car : Dodge Aspen R/T
Maker: USA
Engine: 360ci V8

Cheers Huub.