9th Annual Bethel Murdoch Car Show and Ice Cream Social

            Josh and I discovered the Bethel Murdoch car show last year when a high school friend told me that her father was going to be showing one of his cars. We took the drive through the country to the, well, thriving isn’t really the word, but crossroads known as Murdoch.
            What we found last year was a great show in a beautiful grassy setting. There were a lot of really nice cars and the nice people who brought them. Add to that available food and free ice cream and what more could you want from a car show?
            This year was no different. Though Josh had found something more interesting to do with a female friend and my schedule was tight that day, I still managed to drive out and see most of the cars as they were arriving.
            The show featured some of the standard fare of classic Fords and Chevys but even those were fun. The Ohio Valley Chapter of the Falcon Club of America was represented by over 11 % of their membership. What makes that number even more impressive is that the club stretches from Louisville, KY, through Ohio almost all the way to Cleveland.

            There were cars that were chopped and cars that were restored. Among the trees was nestled a classic Road Runner, some trucks, both young and old, and even a dune buggy and an Army Jeep. Add to that the annual line up of tractors and you can see this is a pretty unique show.

            According to Roger McHugh, the chairman of the annual show, “This is one of the best venues. Most car shows are held on hot concrete. You don’t get to see many shows that are on grass and with trees to shade you.”
            Roger, who showed some of his cars which will be the focus of a later blog, admitted that they did have one tree related mishap a couple of years ago. “We had a tree limb fall on a car,” he said. “Luckily it didn’t do any damage, not even a scratch. Now we have some of the teenagers go through the trees and knock down any loose limbs before the show.”
            With winners being chosen strictly by the people who attend, this is an entirely fair competition. Plus consider that, according to Roger, they made 90 gallons of homemade ice cream and everyone who showed up could consider themselves a winner.


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