Going Back to a Model A

            David Hartley of Anderson Township has been in love with cars his whole life, especially the early cars. In fact, he’s owned Model A Fords for about 42 years now.
            “I’ve had a Model A since I was 17, he said.
            His reasoning for liking those cars is simple. “I always liked the style. People seem to love them and they are fun to drive,” he added.
            And drive them he does. He has had his current Model A for five years now and regularly takes it out. In fact, the past couple of years he’s taken it on the Polar Bear Run, an annual end of winter 300 mile trip through Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.
            “It doesn’t go very fast,” David said with a laugh of the 48 mph top speed.
            David was without a Model A for a short while before he got this one.
            “I had a ’29 Ford pick-up that I traded for this,” he said. “I wanted to have a coupe again, had one before and wanted one back.
            Now he can be seen driving his around, enjoying life in his Model A.


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