Steve Weber Update

          Earlier this spring I introduced you all to Steve Weber at the 33rd Annual ACE Car Show in Armco Park. I've been following Steve's journey to restore his 1957 International S100 pick up truck. When he manages to do some new stuff to the truck he's been sending me pictures and telling what he's done. Here are the latest pictures showing his most recent work.
          "I have had the head shaved because it was warped replaced all the gaskets and painted the motor a gloss black and cleaned the whole motor inside and out. and did some bondo and painted the cab and cleared it but haven't buffed it yet, And I put the windshield back in," he said.Not bad for a guy on his first ever restoration project.
          As for the pictures, Steve had to almost laugh when he admitted how he took them. ".Not bad pictures for taking with a Nintendo DSI."


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