If nothing else, Tim Klein of Mt. Airy, OH has a sense of humor. Just look at his license plate and you’ll see.
            In addition, Tim likes to be just a little bit different. Take a look at the car he restored and you’ll see that as well.
            Back in 2000, Tim was looking for a car. “Actually I was looking for a Charger,” he said. What he ended up with was a 1968 Dodge Coronet 500 and he’s glad he did. After restoring the car in 2002 he now has a pretty unique car to take to shows.
            “You don’t see a whole lot of them around,” Tim said. “It has nice body lines.”
            Tim said that he heard a rumor that the designers got the idea for the lines by laying a Coke bottle on its side. Whether that’s true or not, Tim has done his best to keep this car stock, including his 383 under the hood and even the factory air.
            He’s not afraid to take it out as was evidenced by the fact that he was showing it on a drizzly early July day. “Mostly I run it on nice days and to car shows,” he said.
            In explaining his interesting license plate, Tim said that there’s a group of guys from the same area who like to show their cars together. One of them came up with the OSCC (Oh Shit Car Club) as their name. “I liked it and got the license plate,” he said with a smile.
            So if you’re driving around and look up in your rear view you will know it’s Tim by the license plate.


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