2nd Annual Shriner's Car and Bike Show

          As a kid growing up I remember going to all kinds of events sponsored by the local Shrine. There's a good reason for that, my father was a Shriner. In fact, for his temple, he was one of the people who started the group of little go carts. The go cart was very cool indeed to have around the house. My brother and I would gas it up and run it all over, thinking for sure that our dad didn't know that we were doing it. Of course he did. The neighbors surely told him. But he never said anything.
          My memories as a kid of the Shrine go beyond those Mustang bodied go carts and the parades and the circus. I remember as a pre-teen visiting the world renown Shrine Burn Institute and seeing some of the kids who were being treated there. This hospital is one of the innovators and leaders in the field of burn medicine and especially skin grafting for burn victims. For a kid this was an eye opening experience, seeing kids my age with skin that had been melted away but was now being repaired. There were kids who, years ago, would have been marred for life if they even lived. Now they were being given a new chance to not only grow up but to prosper. And it was all the result of the generosity of the Shriners.
          Recently the Shriners sponsored their second annual car and bike show at the Quaker Steak and Lube in Milford, OH. It was a good turn out of some unique and interesting rides on a very hot and muggy July day. The next couple of posts are going to feature pictures taken at this event. Plus I found a few interesting car stories to write about. Hope you all enjoy.


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