31st Annual Tri-State Mustang Club All Ford Car Show

          It has always been amazing to me watching the various interests that my children have develop. As a father, I've learned that is important to encourage those interests and even take part. This isn't always easy, though

          Sure, when my oldest, Michael, wanted to play sports, particularly baseball, it was very, very easy for me to fall easily into the role of coach. Most sports, and particularly baseball, have always been of high interest for me. The same was true when he wanted to play basketball and football. But when he wanted to bowl on Saturday mornings, I was less than enthusiastic. Having never been a bowler other than the occasional fun group outing (and an amazing stint of "Flash-O-Matic" bowling where, yes, I was beaten by a blind man), the sport was never high on my list of things to want to do. But there I say, every Saturday morning, watching and encouraging him as he tossed that ball down the lanes.

          It was a little more difficult with my daughter, Alli. Sure, she played soccer and softball, both of which I have played during my time on this earth. But when she got into dancing and cheer leading, I was totally out of my element. Still, I went to every competition and even designed and ran the lighting for every one of her recitals. With cheer leading I was there at the games but I also found myself at many of the other events, particularly those fund raisers such as car washes. I became such a presence with the squad that they eventually gave me a t-shirt proclaiming me as "cheer dad." I felt honored.

          With my Josh, I once again found myself, though older and less able to keep up, running around and helping with his baseball, football and basketball teams. But Josh also jumped into another interest that took me back to many important things throughout my own life.
          It was a hot summer day and Josh and I were watching some of a parade in which Alli was participating as part of her cheer leading team. At the end of the parade there was a bit of a festival that features a small classic car show. One look at a 1968 Mustang and Josh was hooked.
          Because the Mustang impressed him so, I went on line looking for other car shows that might feature this classic car. I found it in the Tri-State Mustang Club. Annually they hold an All-Ford show that is filled with Mustangs as well as other great Ford models.
         Recently the club held it's 31st Annual event and over the next several days I will be bringing you some pictures and stories about some of the great cars that were there. Starting today with some of the classic, early Mustangs that were on display.


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