Classic Mustangs From the 31st Annual Tri-State Mustang Club Show

          Mustangs are such an iconic automobile that they even inspired an entire genre of cars: the pony car. While the original Mustangs, called 1964 1/2 because they were released mid-year, was pretty much Ford's Falcon compact sedan with a long snout and short rear deck. That sporty look and the way the car ran captured the youth market and sent sale skyrocketing.

          With an affordable price and a zippy 101-horse six cylinder coming as standard equipment, the Mustang was one of the biggest breakout cars to come out of Ford in a long time.

          Though it has undergone a lot of changes over the years, the early Stangs are all things of beauty as is obvious from these models that were on display recently at the 31st Annual Tri-State All Ford car show. Which would you want to drive away in?


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