It's to Drive, Not Put On a Trailer

            Back in 1999, Mike Bouts bought himself a 1961 Ford Falcon from an owner in Forest Park, OH. His reasoning was simple. “It was different,” he said.
            Over several years, Mike went about an “almost total” restoration of his Falcon. Since the Falcons are unibody cars, there was no way of doing a frame-off job. “That’s the only reason,” Mike said. But, he added, that the car, originally built in Loraine, OH, is “pretty much original.”  
            That means he maintained the original Falcon straight six, a 144 cubic inch engine that will never be confused for a racer, rather than looking for one of the “super six” engines that were introduced that year.
            The interior and even the paint job were done to reflect the original car.
            Active in the Ohio Valley Chapter of the Falcon Club of America, Mike doesn’t enter his car in many shows. “Just a few,” he said. “I drive it some just to drive it. It’s to drive, not put on a trailer. That’s why I built it.”
            So you’re more likely to see Mike and his Falcon just enjoying a relaxing ride around town rather than seeing him parked at a show. Keep an eye out for the jet black Falcon.


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