Looks Original, But.......

            Seymour McWhorter owns what looks like an original 1941 Buick Eight. That is if you are looking at it from a distance. The Inferno Red classic has the beautiful soft shape and small step running boards that give it a distinctly classic look.
            But on closer inspection you can see that this remarkable vehicle has been chopped and put together with a more practical and luxury ride in mind.
            The Goshen, OH man bought the car unfinished six years ago and did an almost total re-make on it, including fabricating some of the metal work.
            “I bought it from a guy in Dayton who had it for 17 years,” Seymour said, when he was looking for a new project to take on.
            “I’ve fooled with street rods my whole life,” he said. “I can do anything to a car myself,” he added but pointed out that on this car he did everything but the interior and the chrome work.
            Starting with the ’41 Buick, Seymour dropped a 454 Chevy V-8 into it and added a Chevy automatic transmission. To that he modified a 1978 Firebird suspension. “I had to cut the frame and weld it in,” he said with a grin of satisfaction. He also fitted Cadillac rocker arms.
            In addition to putting in power steering and power brakes, Seymour added air conditioning, a CD system and fitted Caddy seats for comfort.
            And, according to Seymour, the comfort is there. “I drive it a lot, even on big trips,” he said. “It rides extremely well and it drives extremely well.”
            Seymour pays a great deal of attention to the safety of his car, taking it through the rigorous National Street Rod Association safety inspection each year. “They won’t pass you if you aren’t completely safe,” he said.
            So looking at this 1941 Buick Eight from a distance you can see the Inferno Red exterior that was chosen by Seymour’s wife. But get up close, or glance as it blows by you, and you’ll see that there is a lot more than meets the eye with this exceptional car.


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