Cruising the Riviera

            When Zach Meyer was growing up, his older brother was heavily involved in sports. While the brother was playing on travelling teams, Zach’s dad realized that his other son needed something to occupy him.
            “He told me to find a car that we could fix up together and he would buy it for me,” said Zach. So, 11 years ago, Zach found himself as a nine-year-old looking for a car. What he found was a 1965 Buick Riviera.
            The car was something Zach had never seen before. “The headlights sold me,” he said. “They were the coolest thing I’d ever seen.”
            His dad bought the car and the two of them set about restoring it. “I spent my middle school years on a roller underneath the car sanding,” Zach said.
            Originally the car was white with a black roof. Currently it is midnight blue, which is an original Buick color. “I wanted to make the chrome pop a little more,” Zach explained of the color choice. “It took a two and a half year wait to get it painted,” he added, but the wait was worth it.
            Most of the car is original. “It has an all original motor and interior,” he said. That original motor is a 401 cubic inch V-8 that spits out 340 horse power. He pointed out that there is new carpet in the trunk. “Also, I added the rocker panels. They were an option back when the car was out,” he said.
            In addition, Zach added a power antenna and the radio. “I have seven or eight radios in a box because they go out all the time,” he said with a laugh.
            The 20-year-old takes the car out for a drive about once a month, proud of the job he and his father have done.


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