A Few Fords in the House

            Unless it is a show designed for a specific make or model of car or is hosted by a branded club, you tend to get a decent mix when you head out for an event. Usually in the house are a good number of Chevys and Fords. The Chevys tend to roll in with the beautiful ‘50s Bel Airs, Vettes and Cameros from throughout their life. Ford will spatter in a few T-Birds and usually a pretty good variety of Mustangs.
            Sometimes there is a car show where one of those two dominant marques, for some reason, just doesn’t show. Such was the case with the 5th Annual City of Blue Ash and Untouchables Car Club Classic Car Show.
            While the host club was in attendance, there were a great many more owners who were not affiliated who showed up to show off. A minority of those in attendance wheeled in with their Fords.
            There were probably close to 10 times as many Chevys on the grounds of the Hazelwood Community Center that day but it doesn’t detract from those Fords that did show. Take a look, I think you’ll agree, these are some nice pieces of Detroit steel.


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