Finding a New Car Show

            As I’ve written many times before on this blog, my son Josh and I have been going to car shows since he was young and got the car bug. Since we’ve been going for years now, we find ourselves going to some of the same shows each time they’re held. Like anything else, we will have our favorites and some that we go to only because there’s nothing else to do.
            Even at the shows we really enjoy going to over and over we can tend to see the same types of cars or even the exact same cars. Now this really isn’t a problem because classic cars are all works of art and can be enjoyed time and time again. But sometimes it’s fun to see something that you haven’t seen dozens of times before.

            So when we find a new car show that turns out to be a real treat, well, then that is reason for us to all but celebrate. Such was the case with the 5th Annual City of Blue Ash and The Untouchables Classic Car Club Classic Car show.
            My first thought as Josh and I walked around the grounds at the Hazelwood Community Center was, if this is the fifth annual, how did we miss the first four?

            Sure, there were a lot of the standards on display but there were some very different offerings as well. With an emphasis on muscle cars (and hey, what’s wrong with that?) we saw plenty of Chevys and Fords but there were also a fair number of 442s on the grounds as well as some older classics, some trucks, a Jeep, a station wagon, a couple of copped street rods and, well, just about anything you could want to see. For the next several days, at least as long as it takes to get through them all, we’ll be posting pictures and telling stories of some of the cars we saw at this event.
            We have this one circled to make sure we see next year. In the meantime, enjoy these great cars. Let us know which ones you like the best by leaving a message or dropping us an email at


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