Using a Red Head to Help a Friend

            Frank D’Andrea is a nice guy. He’s the kind of person who is willing to help out a friend even if it’s something he isn’t fond of doing.
            So when a friend, who was helping to organize the first Sycamore Township Summer Bash and Car Show, asked Frank to bring a car and attend the show, he was at first reluctant. “He said he didn’t know if anyone was going to show up and asked me to bring one of my cars so at there’d be one car here for people to see,” Frank laughed as he looked around at the parking lot packed with cars on display.
            “I don’t really like car shows,” he added. “I’d rather just drive the car.”
            The car he brought is one of four collector cars that he owns. Purchased in 1997, this 1990 Ferrari Testarosa attracted a crowd of on lookers. And while the car looks great, the sound of the 12 cylinder, almost 4400 cc, engine spitting out 344 horses with 305 foot pounds of torque easily stir the soul.
            In addition to the Ferrari “red head” (the literal translation of Testarosa), Frank owns a 1987 Ferrari 328 that he bought new, a 1967 Jaguar E-Type, and a 1962 Corvette.
            He said he doesn’t really have a favorite as each is special. And, he regularly drives each of them. “I try to drive one per day,” he said, often driving them back and forth to work.
            Frank got started in his love of automobiles when he was young. “One summer mom and dad had friends come and visit. They had a son a little older than me. When they left, he left a car magazine,” he explained. From that magazine was born a passion.
            Even though Frank is a CPA he raced in Formula 4 for 25 years. Still, he doesn’t try to hit top speeds with his collector cars. “I raced for 25 years and I don’t know if I would want to go 200,” he said. “Things just happen so fast, there’s a total change in dynamics.”
            Though he isn’t crazy about sitting around at car shows, he doesn’t mind talking about his car to anyone. “The most fun thing is when kids come up and want to get their pictures taken with the car,” he said.
            You may not be able to see Frank and his cars at many shows, if you drive around Sycamore Township, you’ll have a pretty good chance of seeing him happily cruising along. Maybe he’ll be in the Testarosa and let you get your picture taken beside it.


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