Dave Krieger's Got Wood

            Dave Krieger wanted to build something but he wasn’t sure what. He had bought a 1930 Model A that was in “terrible condition” but wasn’t sure if he wanted to do a straight restoration or something else.
            The answer came when he thought about his frequent trips down south.
            “I go to Florida all the time and I thought a Woodie sitting on the beach would be fun,” Dave said.
            And so he decided to hand build a Woodie sitting atop that old Model A frame. It took him a couple of years to complete but results are obviously worth it. The car is hand built from maple and sports a Ford 302 V 8 that pushes out 210 horse power.
            What is amazing is the quality of this car and Dave’s lack of woodworking experience.
            “This is the first finished woodworking job I’ve ever done,” he said. When asked how he went about achieving such excellence with no real background, Dave told his basic axiom, “Measure 15 times and cut once.”

            While the car will ultimately end up at his home in Florida, for now Dave mostly drives it to cruise ins and car shows. “I guess I put about 1500 miles a year on it,” he said. “It’s fun to drive around, that’s for sure. It attracts attention.”
            He said he has no plans for his next project but from the looks of this hand tooled Woodie it’s sure to be exceptional.


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