The Fourth Is His Favorite

            Paul Gosney is on his fourth 1930s Ford. He’s had a 1930, a 1931, a 1934 and as of four years ago, another 1931.
            “I bought it off a friend,” he said, who had purchased the car off of the original owner. Though he is no stranger to picking up a project car, he pointed out that this one was “in this condition.”
            This classic Ford is Paul’s favorite. “It’s the best. It doesn’t run hot, the interior doesn’t run hot.”
            Though it’s been chopped, the body, according to Paul, is pretty much the only original piece on the car.
            “It has a 350 Chevy V-8 four barrel, a Corvair front end, a Ford rear end and automatic transmission,” he said. “It has too much motor and too many mufflers,” he added with a chuckle.
            “With the wind behind me I maybe get 11 miles to the gallon,” he said. But that’s OK with him since he mainly only drives the car to about four shows each year.
            Dropping in the automatic transmission was a luxury put in by the previous owner. Paul kind of wishes that air conditioning would have been another luxury addition.
            “This has four-50 air conditioning,” he grinned. “Four windows down and going 50 miles per hour.”
            Still, even the lack of an air conditioned interior doesn’t keep this from being his favorite old classic Ford.


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