A Perfect Bug

            Usually when you find a bug around the house you wonder whether or not you should hire an exterminator. For Nick Lindsey, though, the bug he found in his barn was a 1966 Volkswagon Beetle.
            “I bought it in 1978 from the owner,” he said. “He was a salesman and the car had 224,000 miles on it.”
            At the time Nick didn’t really have a plan for the car so he put it aside in his barn. There it sat for over 30 years. “You know how things can get piled up on something. It sat in the barn all those years,” he said.
            But the barn time didn’t leave the VW much the worse for wear. According to Nick, the paint job had taken a beating and needed to be re-done as did the interior but except for some very minor changes such as belts and hoses; the car was in good shape. “It’s all original,” he proudly said.
            “When we did the rest of the car the dash wasn’t painted. That’s the original paint on it,” he added.
            Nick’s VW is a 1300 series, designated so because of the 1300 cc 40 horse power engine tucked nicely in the rear.
            While it doesn’t have a lot of power or speed, that doesn’t really bother Nick who will drive the car around his home town but not much more than that unless he’s going to a big car show. And why should he? This car has won numerous awards. It’s hard to beat a perfect bug.


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